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DIY: Little coloured flower pots for your ledge

coloured flower potsplant pots
I find that when in town, the country calls. So putting little pots full of a little of what I miss on my windown ledge, makes me happy. I fill them with thyme, basil, marjoram or with a small pretty flower plants or a little cactus.

Recently I discovered ceramic paint and started to try my hand and painting my little pots of life that guard my flat gaily.

Easy steps to happy life filled pots:

+ For this I need a couple of standard ceramic plant pots.

+ I first completely painted them in white and then let them dry for a day.

+ Then I painted colourful flowers and patterns on top, making sure I held them from the inside (so as not to smudge the paint) and left them to dry upside down. I also used very thin deco paper (that you find in arts and crafts shops) that I stuck onto the sides (using a special glue easily found in creative shops too) making sure it didn’t bubble by using a sponge to press it down onto the pot.

+ The last step was to varnish them once they were totally dry. You can let the varnish dry once and then varnish again for an extra shiny finish.

Wait a couple of days after drying to make sure no dust or earth gets trapped in any small wet patches, then plant your heart out!!

Plants are life and I love them, both xxxx

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