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Eat & be merry by the Beach

La Pointe, beach
I go to the beach far from the crowds, to a beach called La Pointe hidden behind a dune here. The beach actually stretches at least 200 km between the goregous old Napolean and then Victorian influenced Biarritz and Arcachon, West of Bordeaux. This beach is just our little patch near the house where mostly only surfers go and some locals too.

I make sure I take super high sun protection (I was given some 100 + protection lately and love it), my sun visor and make sure my son wears a T shirt nearly always and his cool NY Yankees cap. We then stroll far down the coast, dodging the waves, picking up the shells and drift wood to use as decoration in the house (picture frames, plates decorations or just to be placed into a large transparent vase).

Then once this has totally built up our apetites, we go into Hossegor and have lunch at a local café on the shore front. In mid summer, we actually do tend to avoir town during the day as it is so crowded, but June is still a really nice time to go.

Here is the view from our table, my trusty Ray Bans always at the ready. Chin chin xxxx

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