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Inspired by courtyards

toy shop, Paris
Like many old European cities, Paris is full of hidden courtyards where life that you cannot see on the street flourishes and where we are kept safe from the hussle, bussle and turmoil of the outside world.

Some boutiques set up store there and children play unguarded, confident that they are watched by friendly neighbours and protected by the closness of the yard.

I was on rue de Charonne taking some snapshots and discovred this little beauty. I adventured inside and the local shopkeepers greated me with smiles and warmth that made me want to stay, linger and discover.

The first shop here is a beautiful toy shop full of crafted objects and really beautiful creations for children to be inspired by and play with.

A courtyard is best left a little wild, with vegetation growing up the walls and gates. It gave this one a particularly secluded and peaceful feel.

More to come soon to give us all ideas on how to decorate our own xxxx

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