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L’Autre Thé – my local tea room

L'Autre The Paris

Paris café

Tea room Paris


Paris Square Gardette

L’Autre Thé:

I live round the corner from this super cosy tea room located on the Square Gardette (a garden where I love to come and sit and listen to the birds while life goes on around me, in the 11th district of Paris).

They serve great home made typical french cake (chocolate, raisin, petits pains) and their selections of teas is so vast that I always need the charming lady at the counter to explain them to me! I am a fan of herbal teas and all sorts, so this place makes me feel right at home, definitely.

They sell their teas online too, which is really cool for people who aren’t in Paris. I also LOVE the lighting: the way they have just used fairy lights to make the space really warm.

Ok, so off I go to order my Jasmin Tea with my note book and eyes filled with ideas and dreams! xoxoxoxox

Paris Tea Room

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  1. Julia

    I love Paris and so want to visit here when I come next!!! I love Tea too

    • Fiona

      I hope you get to come soon!! Love, Fiona xoxoxo

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