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Le Cirque d’Hiver – our visit to the SUBLIME Winter Paris Circus!!!

Cirque d'Hiver ParisEclat Cirque d'HiverParis Circus

We went to the winter show Eclats at the Winter Circus, near our flat in the 11th this week… it was truly AmAzING! I mean, Paris has so many jewels hidden amongst its streets, avenues and parks, that if you visited a thousand times, there would still be new marvels to discover…

And in the city of constant show, there is a very special place where the spectacle never ends. By this I refer to the “Cirque d’Hiver” – the Winter Circus. Home to the famous French circus family Bouglione since 1934, the Cirque d’Hiver offers you a unique chance to experience a one-of-a-kind circus show and what a show it was! Trapeze artists, beautiful and content looking wild animals, dog acts, happy clowns, acrobats, flames, emotion… I could not take my eyes of the center stage and my son managed to nearly not speak for the length of the whole show. A FEAT in itself. Which just goes to show how beautiful and spectacular this quality circus is.

Opened in December 1852 by Emperor Napoléon III under the name “Cirque Napoléon,” the building was originally designed to look like a miniature of Rome’s Colosseum, surrounded by Corinthian columns and decorated by sculptures and statues. The inside of the building, that looks exactly like the interior of a circus tent with red curtains and a round ring stage in the center, used to host 4000 people but now accommodates 2000 guests, in order to give a more intimate feeling to the shows. I love that! Emphasis on quality not quantity!

Beside the circus show performed every day of the week, some tremendous concerts and unique shows are regularly given in the Cirque d’Hiver. Past events at the Circus include an eclectic program mix, from the late great James Brown to fashion designers such as Thierry Mugler. I pass this building every day but to go inside was a special treat as when I came out, I knew I would never look at it quite the same way ever again!

Winter Circus Paris

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  1. I remember taking a photo of the Cirque D’Hiver when I was there last summer – never knew what it was but what an awesome exterior! Thanks for sharing.

    • Fiona

      You were lucky to get a picture with nobody in front of the building Laura! It’s always packed in front of there! Thanks so much for sharing your picture! Fiona xoxoxo

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