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L’Encrerie – my out of time luxury tattoos

I love all my tattoos and I have many many. Some people like to stick to the same artist who will tattoo them along their lives and others rotate. Because of all the travelling I have done and different places I have been based in my life, I have obviously had to find my local tattoo artist everywhere I go. The latest is L’Encrerie, this slightly dark, gothic but very very beautiful parlour in the 11th arrondissement. The idea is that this is a luxury tattoo place, where you are welcomed in velvet armchairs by mysterious and slighty aloof artists. I met two absolutely beautiful ladies, one of which bares a striking similarity to the singer of Skunk Anansie but much more beautiful still.
L'Encrerie - ParisLuxuary tattoo place

The material is clean, the time spent there is out of time. My tattoo came out clean, intricate, the only trace of a dream like experience. For a quote just go, they are there and they are waiting.

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2 rue Lacharriere
Paris 11th

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