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Lunch at Le Café Sud: a fusion between Indo, Thai and French cuisine

One of the only restaurants with a decent peaceful view of the ocean is the Cafe Sud in Hossegor (Soorts-Hossegor, to be precise. Although WHY that is the address it is registered at when they are based on Hossegor beach is besides me).

I have been following the two owners, Jerome and Alex, since Alex left the delicious Nori boy in Soorts (my daily lunchtime hangout when I worked for Billabong) to set this place up.

These two really really lovely guys put a lot of love and a lot of taste into the restaurant they set up but more importantly, into the dishes they serve. The food is mostly tinted with an indonesian feel to it: below in the first pic is the Hawaian salad with raw fish. You can find some more mainstream french dishes however (see the chicken skewer in the bottom photo).

It’s all super super tasty and super super healthy.

Then you taste the deserts and you just can’t resisit. And WHY?

Their homemade gingerbread Tiramisu is out of this world and to miss it would be a sin.

It’s also a great place to come for cocktails out of season and for dinner, when only the locals know it exists again and the vibe is more intimate and homely, because everyone knows one another.

Lovely place, lovely people, lovely food.

Cafe Sud

Terrasses de l’Océan

40130 Soorts-Hossegor

tel: 05 58 43 42 64

Le Café Sud, Hossegorlunch - Le Café Sud

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