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Lunch at the Wepler

Wepler - Paris
Every now and then I am luck to experience a new culinary institution and for this occasion, I was invited to have lunch at the Institutional Big Brassery Française: The Wepler, Place Clichy, in the 18th arrondissement.
The massive dining area reminded me of Aznavour’s charming valse, La Boheme, where artists meet at café late in the night to eat and rejoyce about life and beautiful things. Ok this was lunchtime but WHAT a lunchtime. The service was friendly, professional, chic. We ordered (my favourite meal world): a huge plateau of oysters and seafood. Everything, from the shrimps, crab, urchins, 3 different types of oysters to the mayo, bread, salted butter, dry white Chardonney was gorgeous. No other word for it.
The atmosphere, although slightly diluted by some tourists playing the part, was very Parisian and easy going but chic.
You can go and digest while touring Montmartre after or the streets of Pigalle, if you manage to actually leave the place and not stay all afternoon/night.
The website is here, take a look and whenever you go, book just before.
the Wepler, Place Clichy - Paristhe Institutional Big Brassery Françaisea huge plateau of oysters and seafod

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