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Macarons & Ice Cream – from the BEST in France (really)

To be able to walk into a boutique, coloured with patisseries, chocolates, beautiful boxes, pastel and vividly pigmented macarons, lush creamy home made ice cream, ALL this made on the spot by Meilleur Ouvrier de France (in this case, best Patissier in France as this title is very large and encompasses a variety of trades such as Boucher (butcher), Boulanger (bread maker), Chocolatier…) etc…) Thierry Bamas, is something close to Willy Wonker dreamlike heaven. Except this place is REAL!

I often buy ice cream for here (classed as one of the TOP 5 BEST places for ice cream in France!). A few days ago I walked in and asked if I could take a few pics and was welcomed openly by Thierry and his wife, who agreed politely.

The macarons are exquisit, tangy, explosions to the taste buds.
The ice cream is really rich, creamy, fresh, colourful and so natural.
The patisseries (cakes) are so delicately made and decorated that it’s hard to bite into these little works of art UNTIL the taste hits you and you basically can’t put them down anymore.

Thierry has worked hard all his life to do what he does and to be the best at it.

Have a little tour with me below. Here is the website:

Now, where did I put my spoon? xxxx

patisseriesguimauvesbeautiful boxes
Thierry Bamas, best Patissier in France

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