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My London Love

I was born in London to foreign parents and grew up there too. Throughout my nomadic life I have returned to London to live on several occasions for a few years. I miss London despite my absolute love for Paris and Europe too. It’s a town that just feels so right, so authentic, where people are so courteous and where I find the images and smells that remind me of my youth but also all those different times in my life wen I went back there to work and live there.
I was born and brought up near the East End of London and I just had to give it a special mention on my site. This part of London still feels so authentic, so raw and eccentric but so so welcoming. Bethnal Green, Hackney, Victoria Park, Brick Lane, these are all areas where I have loved and still adore to walk, shop, eat and also live in.
I went back a couple of weeks ago and had to go to Bethnal Green market on a Saturday morning (open from 8am to 2pm). It’s a great place to shop for clothes but also buy fruit and vegetables, have your brunch/Fry up mid morning (try any café on the Roman Road). I also go to have my usual fish and chips, you have the pick of various cafés and always make a point of asking for my frothy topped coffee and look how pretty it is! It’s really easy to make these at home with any coffee machine by moving your cup towards the end when the water/milk comes out!
Bethnal Green is a great flower market too (and I do like those) and had beautiful little boutiques (like the Fred Bare shop for children).
Old vintage London at it’s very best.
flower market, Bethnal GreenBethnal Green

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