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My new sweet smelling Aesop tubes!

I have mentioned Aesop, the Australian skincare brand before. Their boutique in The Marais is so beautiful and it’s open on Sundays and in my book, that is the best thing ever.

I recently bought some new creams and oh boy, apart from looking great they smell divine and are rich but not totaly greasy.
One (the yellow tube below) is more of an after sun and smells tangy and is really fresh on the skin. Plus it’s a gel too which is nice in summer. It contains mandarin and graperfruit and I love citrus.

The other super rich one contains Sandalwood, Tangerine and Vanilla and it’s like applying perume to my skin. Its a beautifully thick texture, just perfect for after the shower.

I hope you are able to find their products near you, they are innovative and really beautiful for your skin. The use of essential oils makes them unique and of really good quality. Can you smell them from here?

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