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My varnished visit to the Galeries Lafayette, boulevard Haussman

Who doesnt love walking around the beauty counters of a massive department store?

In Paris, on boulevard Haussman in the 9th arrondissement, there are two massive stores one next to the other. One is the Printemps and the other the Galeries Lafayette. There are smaller versions of these stores across France but these two beat them all by size and variety and exitement value!

I love nail varnish and in summer I normally go and stock out on new products at these the Galeries. My favourite while in Paris is the Vieux Rose (Old Pink) by Channel, it is faded and vintage and really goes with everything you can wear. Black is also a great alternative for nights out. I can’t ever pull away from my classic red, it’s got such a retro touch to it but so totally modern also. This red is also great worn with a mariniere style tshirt and jeans and maybe some bright red lipstick to complete the outfit!

May the colours below inspire you and make you feel as wild and energised as they look!

Old pink by Channel
25 Red by Monoprix
Nail Lacquer red by American Apparel
Black and pale pink both by Marionnaud

Nail varnish

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