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Of driftwood and ocean breeze – Hossegor

Vans of the beachDog print tracks beach FranceDriftwood and knots beach FranceTracks on the beach Hossegor

I am so lucky. Everyday I count my blessings and realise how special my life is.

Why do I say this today?

Because it’s January, mid winter in France, and I just spent the last day on the beach walking in a simple shirt as if it were summer, breathing in the ocean spray and taking beautiful photos of everything that caught my eye (in my terms, everything around me).

Where am I?

That beautiful place in the South West of France, where the beachouse is, where I get to escape to regularly and where I adore to go on vintage exploration adventures

Where everything around me makes me fill inner peace.

Here are some of my recent pics, I really hope you get to escape to Hossegor with me, for a few minutes. I love it here.

Kisses and next time, it will be kisses from Paris again! xoxoxo

Tracks on the beach, Hossegor, FranceDriftwood photography France

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  1. I absolutely adore every single photo !! Gorgeousness !!!

    • Fiona

      Goes quite well with your beach theme in your last posts doesn’t it! You are welcome here anytime Lynne xxxxxx

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