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On the subject of Tumblr

we sensual tumblr

we sensual tumblrwe sensual tumblr

we sensual tumblr

we sensual tumblr

I must admit, I have a real passion for photography. I love spotting new talent, am lucky enough to go and see a fair deal of exhibitions in Paris and across France at art fairs and galleries and really love to photograph everything that touches me.

I think this is part of why I started this blog… a vent for all the creativity that I have pent up inside me and for the pure admiration I posess of everything around me.

I have another passion which is closely linked to the aforementioned one, which is Tumblr. Even the NAME means what it IS. A tumblr, a recipient where you just throw it all in.

Here is a selection of photos that I hope you will like from a Tumblr that is very close to my heart:

Some of the photography was taken here in Paris, some not. I think it’s great to express yourself and just feel comfortable with sometimes pushing the boundaries of what should and should’nt be done!

Hope you like it. What are your favourite Tumblrs? Don’t hesitate to share!

Love, Fiona xoxoxo


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