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Photos of Paris interiors


Salon Book a Flat Paris

Book a Flat Paris

I have a new feature and it will come up every Thursday and I am very happy with it :-)

It’s really great when things come together after some work and a lot of passion!

As part of the new link I have with Book-a-Flat, I will feature some of my favorite Paris apartments and interiors so that I can share with you my love of Paris!

One of my great loves is photography. So with Stanislas (see all about my friend & founder of Book-a-Flat in Paris here), I go take pictures of some of my favorite apartments that he has on offer. It’s a real privilege to go into a Parisian beautiful home and soak in the personal vibe which is specific to every different little universe that we visit. Paris has that particularity of offering old exteriors but once you step inside the many little (or sometimes titanic) interiors, it really is like stepping into another town, country and sometimes even world.

Here is the first of  two flats for today’s feature that I loved to photograph, I really hope you like them both as much as I did!



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