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Putting out the Ritz

On the 1st August, the Ritz Paris closed it’s doors for a complete renovation which will last… an amazing two and a half years.

I was really lucky to go there in July for their special Sunday brunch. No normal brunch, believe you me. The price tag said it all: 120 Euro per person (Bucks Fizz included!). For this price you got a total of TEN buffets, hot and cold, to chose from. Roast lamb, red snapper, home made houmous, sushi and one of the best cheesecakes ever were amongst only some of the dishes that were one offer.

To be honest, the place was getting old fashioned anyway, the decoration too old to even be vintage and signs of running down were obvious and let’s face it, when you stay at the Ritz you expect only perfection.

So voila, the staff have left, the hotel having kept only 30 staff out of 600 (those 30 will mostly work for the chain promoting the Ritz brand to other Ritz-Carlton staff accross the world).

The Place Vendome most certainly won’t be the same without it but I am sure that the result will be breathtaking!

Rendez-vous in a couple years for brunch then!

Sunday brunch - RitzRitz Paris

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