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Sandsculptures and Surf shacks in Hendaye

This weekend in pictures… Isn’t this sandsculpture great? I came across it in Hendaye, a town just on the border of France and Spain on the French side still. It’s port is actually my favourite place there, the seafront being just a little too packed with holiday makers. However, come September, it will be deserted and on my weekends down here, I know I will be able to go for beautiful walks along the Basque coast without hardly crossing anyone.

The surf shack below is also a lovely place I came across, also in Hendaye. The owners have actually opened a smoothie and yummy sandwich place too, as well as the shop they have which sells funky surf style summer gear. They are also a surf school too! Vive little entrepreneurs! xxxx

sandsculptures - Hendayesandsculpturea smoothie and yummy sandwich placeSurf shop - Hendayesmoothie

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