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Sea air, pine forests and lakes!

a beautiful salt water lakesea airsea inspired pics
Walking is such a great way of getting to focus, to center on yourself again and just to be aware of the environment.

In Paris I often walk around the Bois de Vincennes, East of Paris, a vast spread of woods with a beautiful lake in it’s centre to walk around. To remind you that urban structure isn’t the only and original way of life.

Here in the South West, from where I base myself in summer mostly, there are long stretches of beach but alos “pinédes” (pine tree forest) that shade and cool you from the sun, where you can cycle and walk around for ages and just soak in the amazing tranquility of nature, the one we have to remember to respect.

Also, there is a beautiful salt water lake at the exit of Hossegor heading towards the coastal part of Seignosse. The lake is adorned with gorgeous houses to dream about. There is actually a path to walk/run around it, no bicycles allowed though (it would overcrowd the path). Around the lake you can eat delicious fresh Oysters farmed on it’s shores, rent a catamaran or a paddle board for a few hours, have a snack or an ice cream at one of the two little huts or just walk, listen and smell the mixture of sea air, pine trees and watch the preserved wildlife all around.

It is cleansing and so easy to do. The best things in life do come for free.

Having said that, I am off for a walk there again! Happy afternoon to you all xxxx

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