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So exited about my new venture: My online French Boutique

Parishues My Boutique online shop

It’s been a lot of work lately. First, was the complete redesigning of Parishues with my fabulous and talented webartists Lucie & Olivier (thank you so so much for your relentless help and support).

Now, as a further step and some research and lots more work, I am able to open what I have been planning for a long time: my own little online Parisian Boutique!!!

This will be full of vintage garments and accessories from my finds in Paris and the rest of beautiful France, hand crafted jewellery, make your own jewellery and decoration kits (so you can make them just like the Parisian girls like them!) and French traditional country style homeware, only from the best small artisans in France (Basque French rustic table linen, accessories for the kitchen and bathroom).

The Little Boutique will be open from beginning December, I hope you all come to visit and find something unique, vintage or just plain PRETTY or just enjoy the visit. Look out for the banner soon.

A bientot! xoxoxox

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  1. Ali

    wow! how exciting… congratulations! can’t wait to see it.

    • Fiona

      Hello Ali,
      that’s lovely of you! I hope you like the vintage clothes and french style homeware! Lots of love to you and have a great happy day, Fiona xoxoxox

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