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So here’s why I LOVE living in Paris!

Living in Paris
Living in Paris has its downs, sure. However the UPS totally outweight the bad points.

I love living in Paris because:

- I just need to walk out into the street to see something beautiful: a building, some street art, a boutique, people, clothes, a statue…

- Because however you go about it, it’s always going to be romantic. So you might as well take advantage of it! I can stroll alone or accompanied, whatever I do I am in awe of the romanticism and the bohemian poetic and artistic haze that comes from this city.

- Mostly, wherever I go, I eat really well. The French have actually registered their cooking as part of the UNESCO and you know why when you live here.

- Inspiration is here at every street corner. Whether is be for fashion, for artistic or musical inspiration, it’s all out there on the street. You can cross someone who has had a great fashion idea, walk into any gallery or go to a café or small music concert or even the Opera and come out feeling full of the new input.

- To live the Parisian way of life: the Cafes, the restaurants, the walks on a Sunday in the parks, the friends, the clothes, the new outfits and the French slowed down and Epicurian lifestyle.

- You can be who you want to be. And that’s what suits me best.

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I hope you feel the same and more when you come here too.

LOVE xxxxx

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