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Teriyake by Phil

I eat at Phil’s and go drink his FABULOUS cocktails not far from the Ocean front in Hossegor about every fortnight. So before I actually post about his wonderful fusion inspired cuisine and eatery, I wanted to share with you a super video that was made by Roxy (Ladie’s surf brand) filming Phil in the kitchen of his beautiful restaurant.

Here Phil shows us how to make Teriyake stir fry.

Did you hear THAT?

FRESH wholesome fusion CUISINE. Get stuck in people.

Can you smell the ginger, basil, chicken… super EASY to make and believe me, so tasty it sparkles in your mouth!

Added PLUS side (and you know I love this one) it really is very healthy. Bonus.

Tuck in, be inspired and see you super soon when I share more about Phil, his love for fishing Frenchbass on the Ocean front and his absolutely out of this world dishes and cocktails.

Let us never forget the cocktails. Especially when they are good.


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  1. Gemma Savage

    I’ve been here! Isn’t it great?! I’ve written about it on my blog too ;-)
    Lovely entry from you and video – love your blog!

    • Fiona

      Thanks so much for sharing that Gemma, ADORE you blog too!!! Will show Phil the link he will be stoked! xoxoxo

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