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Thailand wellness in Paris!

Thailand Wellness - Paris
This place rocks.
When I am tired or just in need of some pampering, I book myself a massage in this place and I feel like I have totally escaped reality.
The Espace Chiang Saen is tiny as so cosy, you could stay there and just hang out. The two ladies working there are smiley, discreet and bring you all the warmth from their native country: Thailand. The selection of treatmens may seem a little limited but when you go to see them, you know what you want and there’s no need for a list of dozens of options: The Massage is “de rigueur” in this little indonesian cocoon. I personally prefer the totally amazing Foot Massage (complete with exfoliation and foot care) where you are seated in comfortable leathers reclining chairs complete with porcelain basin for your feet and foot spa. Second favourite is Thai massage were the lady just treats you with care but vigourously makes sure your toxins and aches disappear with energetic gestures.

Espace Chiang Saen

33-35 rue Saint Sebastien
75011 Paris
tel: 09 51 64 79 11

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