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The best coffee, chocolate and berry pie in Paris

Jean Paul Hevin ParisTarte Jean Paul Hevin ParisCoffee in Paris

Remember, a while back I was talking about where Stan and I go for chocolate in Paris?

Like the most therapeutic, chic, totally wonderful chocolate brasserie in the world?

Well, we went back. Like, a few times since. I just had to share with you our desserts (after having gobbled up the best Asparagus risotto in the world) because not only did these little sweet wonders look amazing but they tasted even BETTER. Now, that, is no mean feat.

That perfect balance between taste and visual PERFECTION.

Ok enough e-NOUGH. Jean-Paul Hevin is the greatest chocolatier ever.  I love his restaurant on rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and I love going with Stan who likes to take his time and enjoy every mouthful of what he is flattering his Parisian pallet with.

Just like me.

Except my pallet is more multi-ethnic (I won’t start going on about where I am from again but it’s from many different origins, read here if you are interested!).

Voila, now GO! Fly my little chocolate fiends! Book that ticket to Paris, hop on that taxi to rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré and come eat some chocolate HEAVEN.

A bientot my sweet toothed friends xoxoxoxo

Paris chocolate

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  1. oh gosh, don’t tempt me on a Tuesday!

    • Fiona

      Sorry :-)

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