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The real American deal

Sometimes being able to just eat a good burger, some good calamary, home made fries and any other american classic dish is just a necessity. You wake up with the need to eat it.
Today I woke up with that need and decided to indulge this wild impulse and took myself and my very hungry tummy to: the American Bistro in Paris.
I had a poached eggs on smoked salmon with coleslaw and fries (really great tasting free range eggs), Alex had a bagel brimming with pastramy and salads and Tom had a hot dog, the real deal too, tasted like it just came off a Manhattan street cart.
The service is friendly and the decor is diner like although not too kitsh. They do good brunches there too although you might have to prepare two days of total fasting after: the quantities are more than generous!
Enjoy the American Bistro, 74 rue de la Folie Mericourt, 75011 Paris.
american classic dishesdecor - American Bistro, Paris
American Bistro in ParisAmerican Bistro - Paris

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