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this week’s ❤ ❥: Tiptoeing over Paris




This 20 sq.m studio is up on the 9th floor (which is HIGH for Paris) of a building rue de la Roquette, near me near Bastille, in the 11th quarter . I went in for some photos and was dumbstruck by the view!!

As if the owners had decided to make Paris a part of this cosy little home! The terrace is breathtaking and I can safely say, I haven’t seen many like this in Paris (a terrace here is something of a LUXURY)! I love the bay windows, loved the wood floors, love the simplicity of the small space that has been mulitplied by a thousand with a view of Paris that is just unique. We spent ages on that terrace, just gazing out. Special moments, I am so grateful for them!!!

See lots more pics and information here


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  1. Ali

    wow… it really is beautiful! I would be LIVING on that terrace in summer!

    • Fiona

      Tell me about it!

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