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Three restaurant ideas for your kids in Paris this summer

A lovely lady asked me a question on Twitter a couple of days ago and I thought it was such a good topic to share you with you all in here.

The question asked was:

where do I take my 8 year old child to the restaurant in Paris?

So, here are the 3 choices that I spoke about:

The top super chic self service restaurant at the top of the department store: Le Printemps Mode, Deli.Cieux.

It has a 360° view of Paris from which you can see the Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse and Montmartre! Also you can sit on the outside terrace (facing towards the Tour Eiffel) or eat inside facing the beautiful view. The food is gorgeous: good quality hamburgers alla french style, big pieces of a variety of quiche, steak… and some very wicked desserts.

Near metro: Auber

The next is the Hard Rock Cafe on 14 boulevard Montmartre in the lovely and chic 9th arrondiseement, which is located right next to the Musee Grevin (the excellent Waxwork museum of Paris) which is at number 10.

The burgers are out of this world, the service is always with a smile and they can even organise parties for a mob of youngters. Don’t forget to get your tshirt too!!!

Near metro: Richelieu Drouot

The last place I recomment is basically an area: the Square Gardette, in the 10th arrondissement. A beautiful little square with lots of games for kids and shaded places for grown usp to sit and read. Around this square are a quantity of gorgoues little cafe/tea rooms that are great for kids at tea time of for dinner or lunch.

Nearest metro: Voltaire

Hope this will help some of you, please let me know what you think! xxxx
the Déli-cieux - Printemps Mode, ParisHard Rock Café - Boulevard Montmartre, Paristhe Square Gardette - 10th arrondissement, Paris

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