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Views – Capbreton in the morning

Today is hot. Like melting hot. This morning I decided to go walk in the ocean in Capbreton.

These are some shots of the port, I LOVE the old rusted look of the signal lights.

Capbreton is a small little town of about 7500 inhabitants (triple that I guess during the summer) in the Landes departement (number 40 on our number plates). The beaches are beautiful, great for surfing but also for strolling forever.

You can either stay at a camping site, hotel or deluxe resort here. You have it all.

Sometimes it gets hot, like really hot but the advantage is that the Atlantic works it’s magic and brings us a little storm to clear the extreme heat. For me that’s perfect.

Enjoy the pics below and don’t hesitate to mail or contact me on FB for any questions about here!!! xxx
Capbretonoceansignal lightsAtlantic

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