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Visit to a loft brasserie in Bordeaux


I was in Bordeaux last week, going to vintage markets and shops. Lots of walking about, lots of really great and fun vintage clothes and accessories that I will be adding to the new online boutique from December. It’s hard work discovering treasures!

I love Bordeaux. It’s like a little Paris (currently the 6th largest city in France), the architecture is absolutely breathtaking (mostly from the 18th century) and the large river La Garonne runs right through it with really massive river banks on either side, giving the town a massive artery of water, parcs and space.

When in Bordeaux, I tend to go the Chartrons which is were all the galleries and vintage shops are. It actually feels older than the rest of the city, with smaller buildings, cobblestone streets. This area was inhabited by wine merchants from the world over a couple of centuries back. Now it’s more arty.

So having spent all morning on my feet, I thought a good winter meal was in order. Le Carré seemed to present itself in front of me, with it’s loft like industrial interior and really huge selection of wine (of course) and dishes. I loved the little touches they had: a tin bucket for a bread basket and their homemade desert: Rice pudding topped with Coulis au Caramel au Beurre Salé (salted caramel coulis). I loved it so much, I got the recipe from the chef who kindly shared it with me! So here is the recipe and please enjoy this beautiful french treat and photos! xoxoxo


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