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Viva the South West!

South West, France
I am lucky enough to have family on the Atlantic coast, down South near Bayonne. I used to live there too for a while and have many gorgeous friends that still live down there.
So this weekend my son and I took a trip down South, Beachside (as the Kings of Leon tune goes), and spent time in Capbreton, Hossegor and Biarritz.
I love Capbreton for the long walk by the port, the great little restaurants on the ocean front, the fresh fish market with several arrivals of fresh fish every day straight from the fisherman’s boat. Hossegor is great for shopping (especially in summer) and reminds me of Torquay, a town in Australia where I used to live, which boasts the famous Bells Beach where the annual surf comp is held. In Hossegor the swell is often up and if its not or you are just not into sliding along the foamy tops, there are some great restaurants (namesly Jean des Sables, pricey but luxurious or the Napoli Pizzeria with crusts that are so slim and fresh all you need to concentrate on are the toppings!) and a walk on the beach that can go on for miles. Biarritz is obviously more urban, sophisticated. It inherited Queen’ Victoria’s influence on it, beginning of last century and is majestuous in its architecture and landsacping.
Here are some pics, enjoy the escape.
You can fly in for cheap from the UK and Paris into Biarritz daily, on Easyjet too.
Atlantic coastbeachsideCapbretonocean front

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