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Waking up at the Beach House

pine forest - Landes region
When I am at our house in Capbreton, by the ocean, waking up is easier than ever. Whether it be when we are down in winter when day raises it’s sleepy head a little later than in summer, when it is exited about shining light and life onto us all.

Our house here is really close to the ocean, so the back garden is partly sandy but we also give onto a beautiful pine forest, typical of the Landes region where we are.

There are times when we are lucky to see wild boar or deer. At this time of year though, they don’t come too near the houses as there are too many people around.

We are lucky enoughtto have gorgeous little birds of all varieties, butterflies and dragon flies roam the airs. I am soon setting my hand at our herb patch too, will let you know how it turns out and share little tips that have been passed on to me.

For the moment, I hope you enjoy my morning light with me xxxx

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