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Where to buy handmade shoes & Birkenstocks in Paris!

I promised this for yesterday but got really wrapped up with my summer house and was not near my Mac, so today I divulge where I buy my Birkenstocks in Paris.

Anamotica is 14 rue du Tibourg in the Marais, 4th arrondissement in Paris.
AnatomicaMarais - Parisbirkenstocks, Parishandmade shoes
As you can see from the photos I took last week, they are small but really really smart and professional. Basically their shoes are made to suit the foot, the anamoty of it. Every shoe in there is natural leather, for men , women and children. The decor is simple but the products are amazing. I love going here to get an exeptional pair of shoes that nobody else will have.

They also have other brands apart from Birkenstock, like Cywoq and Trippen.

Their website is funky, very Parisian and Hues loves it!

I leave you with the link and a quote from their site that I totally agree with! Happy shoe surfing xxx

Take professionnal aestheticians,
or art and architectural critics, seriously when one
sees what they wear on their feet.
It is, after all, clear that the modern shoe is only suited for feet
that have the big toe in the place of the middle toe.

Bernard Rudofsky (in an interview with Peter Noever)

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