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Where to eat deLIcious Oysters out of season

oystersoysters - Hossegor lakeeat delicious oystersa local producer
The saying goes in France, that every month with an “R” in it is a month you can safely eat oysters.

So what in the world do you do outside of these “r” months? I mean, clams or shrimp just don’t cut it when you feel like some fresh pearl making delights.

Some places cultivate Oysters year round. I was told by a local producer here that most of them, when farmed, don’t reproduce and therefore don’t become milky.

So I headed for Hossegor lake again, where about six families farm their own oyster. Boy oh boy, I was NOT disappointed!

They are fresh, opened just in front of you, not too salty and just enough texture to be really delectable. You have the choice of three sizes, so I chose medium.

Accompanied by a chilled glass of dry white Sancerre and some bread and salted butter.

Culinary perfection on the edge of a lake with a gorgeous view!

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