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Wooden toys and mutlicoloured fizz

Paris toy shoptoy shop ParisWood toys ParisLe Bonhomme de Bois Paris

Fizz? Why fizz?

Beacause my imagination reconnected me to my inner child the other day when I wondered into this beautiful wooden toy shop. I literally FIZZED. Bubbled. Pop pop pop.

My Inner Child is never very far and always one to fizz when motivated.

This dream like boutique is on my absolutely FAVOURITE avenue in Paris: boulevard Malsherbes in the 8th arrondissement here in Paris. The name of said wondrous boutique: Le Bonhomme de Bois

The toys are all handmade, a lot of them are fair trade and also teach kids about ecology, respecting the environment and why that is important (I can’t stress how much I drum that into my son every day) and also about different cultures, fairness and diversity. You know, all the BEAUTIFUL things we often seem to forget about on our planet Earth.

If you can’t make it there, check out the website above and enjoy this little tour with me. It made me happy because all I wanted to do was play with these beautiful objects and I did, succeeding in escaping from my little anxieties and problems. A lovely state to rediscover.

I will make sure I plunge back into more often.

Jeux Haba

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  1. it’s weird – even though I’m twenty five years old, I love going to toy stores. There’s somethinig about the innocence that I feel in the store that appeals to me

    • Fiona

      Yes Maddie, it’s an escape from adulthood!

  2. Anne

    Fiona, what great fun and a wonderful reminder that we should all take some time to play! Thank you so much for discovering and sharing this charming toyland! Much love,

    • Fiona

      Hello dear Anne, I hope you are well. Toys and games are part of all our beginnings (as I write you this note, my son is playing upstairs and the noise of his games fills me with happiness). We need to hang on to that, definitely!! Much much love, Fiona

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