Hot Chocolate – Fluffy Bayonne Style

Cazenave Bayonne

Cazenave Bayonne   Cazenave Bayonne This place is bliss. Cazenave Bayonne You seen the film CHOCOLAT? Where Juliette Binoche moves into a small french town and opens up a chocolatery and drives the prude and often closed minded villagers into a frenzy of delight and happiness by giving them chocolate in all it's forms in her chocolaterie? I have found such a place. It exists and it's underneath the arches in Bayonne, South West France. I mean I knew Bayonne was famous for it's chocolate (see here) but this beats all chocoholic experiences. Read on...
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Chocolate heavenly love

Chocolate BayonneAtelier du Chocolat Bayonne It's Easter and let's be honest, we are going to eat chocolate. However, here is a vast debat to be had: there is chocolate and Chocolate: chocolate like more sugar than there is cocoa leaving you thirsty and disatisfied and Chocolate like the good stuff you can get in Switzerland, Belgium at in BAYONNE! So there I hopped gaily to Read on...
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