Back to school basics

My son goes back to school tomorrow. First year of primary school. The little man has gotten big. So going shopping for a couple of new outfits for his first days at school was fun, I went to H&M on Boulevard Haussman, Paris. This inspired me and I thought "man, I have a right to get some for me too". My budget is a little tight at the moment so basically big brands were not an option (and aren't always the best solution, don't you think?). I went into Mango on the Boulevard and shabam, I found these basics for autumn. All at a great little price. I love the association of dark blue from the tshirt and the black of the leather biker jacket (called Perfecto here in France). The bracelet really seals off the outfit, worn with a pair of jeans and... heels. Black heels or even a pair of white pumps (see my post on Springcourt shoes in the Fashion section!). The gloves are really retro, just like drivers' gloves. I can't wait for it to get cold so I can wear them! And get a load of these tennis socks. Great for my VANS.... Hope you like, great basics are keepers. I don't really mess about with any other items anymore, I just accessorize around the basics. Oh yes, and buy shoes. But they don't count, do they? ;-) xxxxx Leather jacket ParisTennis socks Paris fashionMango simple rock n roll t shirt Read on...
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