Interviewing the pretty blogger: Madalynne

Madalynne blogSewing blogUrban outfiters blog I came accross Madalynne's beautifully creative blog and was immediately addicted. I try to sew and make clothes of my own and Maddie's amazing blog is full of amazing resources, patterns she has designed herself and step by step posts about how she makes the most intricate and delicate outfits. It was a real priviledge to interview Maddie. Read on...

Make your own calendar 2013

Januarycalendar2013 Fish in a lightbulb ParisMake your own Calendar 2013 Why not make up your own calendar this year???? Easy! How? Just download a monthly calendar like this one Then pic out some beautiful pictures (I hope you like these but you can choose any of your own!) and insert the calendar month onto the photo using Its easy, you can then print them out too if you Read on...

Best Christmas Idea Competition by Lynne – come VOTE or take part!!

Lynne Knowlton
My beautiful friend Lynne has this amazing blog which I am sure you already all know about:
Design the Life You Want to Live (I mean, how GREAT A BLOG NAME IS THAT) and Lynne holds the promise held in that so aptly entitled blog, she does encourage us all to make our life what we want it to be.
How? Because she has trillions of great ideas, for everything. Also, because, despite some setbacks her family goes through (read her amazing post on Cancer here) she is as bright as a guiding star. The woman rocks. I love love love her and she dishes out handfuls of love and great advice to me too, so MERCI Lynne.
Also, as one of her great ideas, Lynne has decided to open a competition of the BEST Christmas ideas and I am on that list with my Saint Nicolas Gingerbread men and Cognac Buche de Noel (erm, like, twice. Not to IMPROVE my chances of winning, no no. It's all about contributing and sharing. Promise. Well, half promise).
So here is her list. Read on...

Little guide to a warm evening in and homemade dreamcatchers

Winter nights, they are often dark and cold. So let's stay in. Let's celebrate our own resources. Let's not feel guilty about being a little bit antisocial. It's all about me time. About feeling comfortable with ourselves. Static bliss. Put on some music, let your creative soul out and pamper yourself inside and out. Here are some little tips for a warm night in. Let me know if you have any more ideas too xoxoxox

Home made dreamcatchersMake your own dreamcatchers, use old scraps of ribbon or fabric, use the center of an old dreamcatcher and decorate with 1m long ribbon and little buttons you can sew or stick onto the frame

Put your best calming music on (try Agnel Obel or Ane Brun or Ray Lamontagne), open a little notebook and spend your time doodling, drawing, writing. For you.

teaandappleKusmitea Read on...

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Creative project: the ribbon & bead necklace/bracelet

French style DIY braceletHere is a little DIY project that anyone can make, it's simple and can be worn as a bracelet, long necklace or choker too. Alternitavely, you can also find the kit to make these or order the ready made bracelet on my Etsy boutique here All you need is: - 50cm of Liberty print ribbon: find these online, at Liberty retailers near you or at your local crafts shop or when in France at an Arteis store - 2 large sized porcelain beads and one silver large link and a few small charms (I use my trademark anchor always, inspired by my tattoos) - a clasp and link set (to close the bracelet) some jewellery glue (again, refer to HERE to see what kind) Paris accessories Make your own French jewellery Read on...
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