A short essay on photography and mental print

France Hossegor Photography Lake FrancePine Forest France I still cannot stop taking mini snapshots of everything I see in my head. I think, one day, my over stimulated-sometimes-childlike brain is going to simply protest and ask me to just STOP be quiet Fiona. Just let me take is EASY for a few minutes. But until then, I do not intend to slow my mental snapshot habit. When I am able Read on...
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Tips for a gorgeously fraganced home

home frangances

home frangances

Certain smells are as evocative as a photograph, or even more so.

They take you back to a place or moment in time that you may have forgotten all about. After all, why is it that people trying to sell their houses are always told to bake a cake before potential buyers look round? It’s so that the prospective new owners instantly associate the house with a warm, homey feel they may well have felt in their childhood home, where Mum would often bake a cake to have after tea.


 So many aromas work together to make your house feel welcoming. In the kitchen, having a clean work surface paves the way for the fragrances of the tasty food you cook to waft their way throughout the space. Your lounge may be full of the fragrance of flowers, your bedroom the tantalising aroma of crispy clean sheets. Bathrooms can be made into the most enticing of spaces with the help of essential oils and scented bubble baths.

Perhaps you have been too busy rushing around after Christmas to pay much attention to how your house smells at the moment. I don’t mean that you’ve let it get dirty, rather that you haven’t had time to make it feel even lovelier with the addition of gorgeous-smelling things.

home frangances Read on...

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The Rules for Dressing for the Office

New Look dressNew Look dress We all have to do it or have had to at some point in our lives... the eternal dilemna is how do you dress cool for the office? I decided to study the question and find some solutions... When you’re style conscious, every outfit counts; being able to express your personality through clothing is essential if you’re to feel confident Read on...
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My angles of Paris

View Eiffel Tower ParisEiffel Tower ParisMoulin Rouge ParisNotre Dame Paris I went on another photo walk recently with my Canon and thought I would share these shots with you... I will soon be moving on from Paris but will be back every two weeks, so I will be able to share with you my new finds in Paris just the same, as well as parts of my life and inspirations from where I will be based in Surfland South West of France... So here is the first of many my angles of Paris, just sit back and enjoy the views...! Read on...
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Photo album from a weekend in San Sebastian

San Sebastian Spain San Sebastian arms San Sebastian beach I spent a weekend in Spain recently. The beachouse is about 50km from the Spanish border so when I am there, it's just no effort to hop the border and bathe into a completely different culture for a while. San Sebastian (Donostia) is in the Spanish Basque Country and is a very wealthy town where you can shop, visit galleries, Read on...
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A visit to Paris Haute Couture

Paris Haute Couture Paris haute couture exhibition Hotel de Ville Paris Haute Couture exposition At the Hotel de Ville in Paris, I paid a visit to dozens of dresses, necklaces, outfits made of silk, organza, rarest and finest fabrics and yarns which all tell a story of french haute couture for the last century. More than a 100 dresses danced in front of my admiring child like eyes, gazing at the beautiful pastels and amazing Read on...

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