Ride Lana Ride – short reel feat. Lana del Rey

Yes, I've always liked her. Ever since I discovered her thanks to some obscure english music magazine I was reading in London when I was back home there beginning 2011. Lana is childlike like Judy Garland; sexy like Marilyn; akward and shy like a female Cobain and strangely dramatic like the french singer Dalida. This short film goes Read on...
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The ever lasting undying passion for Woody

Woody Allen - a documentaryYesterday evening I went to the pictures. I love love going to see films, especially here in Paris where you can still find old cinemas that still look like theatres, where you feel that going to watch a movie is still an exeptional experience. Because it just IS. I went to my local MK2 cinema on Beaumarchais where all films are in their original version and I love that. To hear voiceovers and translsations takes so much of the magic out of a storyline for me. The film or rather documentary I have been wanting to see is finally released here: Woody Allen, a Documentary by Robert B. Weide. It recaps the whole of Allen's life but also most of his most important work. He is interviewed and followed; crucial people in Woody's life are interviewed (his mother, Diane Keaton, his agents, producers, even a priest who gives his opinion on Woody's work and existential dilemnas). His eternal debate about the meaning of life, existance, why he is HERE is the steady undercurrent in this doc but then, so is it the undercurrent of all his work. My favourite: Manhattan Murder Mystery for its burlesque quality and Woody's ever lasting comical neurosis and the gorgeous presence of Keaton and Angelica Houston. I loved this, if you can and have not already, go go go and see it. You will come out having laughed out loud and pondering also on what makes us all tick. And you never give that enough thought. And you never laugh enough. Woody Allen Read on...
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Tim in Paris

Tim Burton in Paris Now this is a director who's films I have all watched. All, yes. Nightmare Before Christmas being my son's favourite and Beetlejuice being mine (vintage now I know). Well some of Tim's sketches, sculptures and vids are on at the Cinemathéque in Paris. Its great for us (kinda) grown up but really gorgeous for the kids too! Tim Burton at the Read on...
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