My angles of Paris

View Eiffel Tower ParisEiffel Tower ParisMoulin Rouge ParisNotre Dame Paris I went on another photo walk recently with my Canon and thought I would share these shots with you... I will soon be moving on from Paris but will be back every two weeks, so I will be able to share with you my new finds in Paris just the same, as well as parts of my life and inspirations from where I will be based in Surfland South West of France... So here is the first of many my angles of Paris, just sit back and enjoy the views...! Read on...
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Today’s Vide Grenier (Attic Sale) in Montmartre

There are breautiful "vide greniers" (house clearance) markets all over the world but I find that some of the best finds are found at the ones in Paris. There is a lot of variety, a lot of people actually do it regularly as a passion/job and there is such fashion vibe in this town that you have a real chance of finding something smart, cute and good value. House clearanceMarkets - Paris Read on...
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An ode to the purest Parisian honey from La Butte

Honey - Butte Montmartre, ParisHoney products DID you know that there are many beehives spread accross Paris and that the honey extracted from these is one of the purest you can find in France? Despite what you may think about pollution and lack of flowers around for the bees to suckle on, some of the most reputed, exclusive and purest honey is produced by the Parisian Bee. The shop that I normally visit (the pots photographed here were sold at a market) is in Montmartre and the producers have been around for generations. Read on...
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Posts Tagged often goes to Montmartre and talks to us about it and how beautiful it still is. Tags - Hues of Life and Style