My top 3 most underrated fashion buys

Fashion trends come and go, but there are some fashion garments that continue to stand the test of time. Unfortunately some of these items get more love and attention than others! Think about the LBD (Little Black Dress), everyone appreciates this a classic look and that it should be a wardrobe essential; for that reason, whatever the season, you’ll always be able to find one on the high street. If you could do with updating your wardrobe with some fashion staples, here’s a look at three of the most underrated fashion buys and why you should keep your eyes peeled for these the next time you’re browsing:

Women's cardigans

The perfect cardi

Cardigans are a garment no longer reserved for OAPS and are now found all over women’s clothing sections on the high-street. When you’ve worked hard on an outfit, needing to cover up because of the cold can be frustrating; cardigans are a wonderful solution. They can provide a layer of warmth with the option to leave the front open and still reveal the other garments you spent hours picking. With a cardigan you don’t have to cover up that vintage tee, or hideaway your pretty patterned midi dress.


There are many cuts of cardigan available too, making them a versatile choice. Choose from a slim-fit, crop, V-neck, Grandpa cut or chunky knit – the sort of cardi you’ll pick will depend on your body shape and the season. The difficulty when cardi shopping is the limited choice, despite their practical appeal, cardigans are rarely available in interesting patterns or prints, with block colours being the popular design. So, when you do come across a stand-out cardi garment – snap it up fast! It can be worn from season to season.

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Cool tip: Popular Fashion Brand Names That Sell Well Online!

Selling your clothes FranceSelling your clothes FranceSelling your clothes France

In the world of fashion, even the most budget shopper can be easily enticed by a good designer name. Imagine the thrill as you rustle through the charity shop rails and find yourself an Armani suit jacket or Gucci dress – at a discount price! It’s no different in the world of online second-hand garments; there are some brands and designer names that will practically sell themselves. Read on...

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Love Cashmere for summer!

cashmere button backpure cashmere Cashmere is the ultimate luxury fabric, the perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe and an investment in style and quality which cannot be matched. The fine texture of cashmere knitwear is traditionally worn in the winter, as the natural fibres provide lightweight insulation without bulk and are perfect for layering. However, there’s no Read on...
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My guide to a girl’s hen weekend in Paris

Moulin Rouge ParisMusee Jacquemart AndréMiniature France museum I often get contacted about what to do in Paris on an all girl's weekend. So I decided to write about it for you all to read too! Personally, I think it's exiting and prudent to draft up a game plan that embraces the full spectrum of merrymaking while paying proper respect to your collective budget. Here are some ideas for crafting an Read on...
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Swimwear, bodyshape and Summer ’13 according to me…

Bikini for curvy womenBikini FranceCurves and me It’s always super nice to start thinking about sun, sea and swimwear again and I looooove panache swimwear. Available on, panache swimwear offers style and comfort, ideal for fashion conscious ladies looking to look their best on the beach... I have tried some myself and honestly it's sexy and super Read on...
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What’s “In” in Paris for Spring

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013Louis Vuitton Spring 2013Alexander McQueen Bee What’s “In” in Paris for the Spring Season????.... I had a little look of what I found inspiring from my favourite designers here in Paris for Spring 2013... So, taDAAA, here is my choice of the Hottest Styles Spotted at the Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2013 Paris is famous for its vibrant fashion scene having some of the best Read on...
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