Shopping rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré

Shopping rue du Faubourg Saint Honore This was this afternoon in a cab, coming back from my trip to rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. Second best place to shop in Paris, according to me of course. Because we have been talking a lot about shopping this week, because it's Fashion Week soon (25th September to 3rd October and I will be there, where I can attend), because I love Read on...
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Reading Pauls Smith’s notes for inspiration on the Sand

I am reading on the beach, once again, this beautiful book: Notes, by Paul Smith. Working in art & journalism means that I really like to try and be inspired by what I see every single day but also by other people's lives. People are a constant source of inspiration for me, so many ideas, so much creativity, so much passion around us all. I am a big fan of Paul Smith, not only for his beautiful designs but also for what he has built. Being a native Brit, I am still fond of my roots and Paul is also rather fond of his and consequently, has built a whole brand, a whole concept around them. I was given this book for my birthday and read it all immediatey but strangely, I am compelled to read through it often. It is an alphabetical collection of notes that Paul has put together. From being an entrepreneur, how he set up his thriving business, what he loves best in it, his own private life and his loves, places of interest to him and much more. It is so interesting to see how other creatives' minds work, it teaches us to think alternitavely. The photos are beautiful and accompany his text perfectly. I end up by marking the pages with colourful page separators when I want to rememember an idea, a concept, a colour, a place, just something that has inspired me. He is the king of all the hues of lifestyle that I know and a real inspiration to me. I hope you read the book and enjoy it too xxx
Paul Smith, NOTES Styles Editions.
Pauls Smith's notesbooknotes Read on...
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All my love for Paul

Paul Smith shoes My unconditional, unrequited, unlimited love goes to Paul. Paul Smith. Who else has managed to capture british smart, preppy chic the way he has. Read on...
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