Spoonful starters and deserts from SW France

Fresh french spoonful starters I tasted these yesterday at a beautiful restaurant by the ocean in Hossegor called Jean des Sables that I also like to go to in summer for the sunset views. This is what they presented to us for starters and desert and I thought I would share them with you. I also got some recipes from the chef, lucky me, so here they are! Tuna starter spoonful. Easy to make: take a leaf for a spring roll (buy them in asian delicatessen, the one's you have to wet slightly to make them go soft). Place inside some freshly braised tuna, some fig coulis or jam (see how to use figs better in my recipes here) and a little dab of salmon eggs. Wrap up in a cylinder and then cut slices through your spring roll. Place them on large porcelain spoons and serve for aperitif or starters! It's fresh and light and yum!!! Tuna spring roll from France Read on...
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