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A naughty smoothie…

Basil and frozen yoghurt smoothie
Blender, you are my summer saviour.

I love my healthy recipees below but it just feels like I HAVE to indulge at the end of a meal.

Here in France we get some really great ice creams in the supermarkets, like Carte d’Or or even the Monoprix or Casino brands are creamy, textured and not overly chemical. I had various selections in the freezer.

So I made ice cream smoothies.

All weekend.

I nearly had one for breakfast before heading back for Paris this morning but decided against this. Only just.

I share with you the pearl of wisdom below. Beware, once you have tasted you may spend the rest of summer producing these in industrial quantities except you will be keeping it all for YOUR SELF xxxx

Place into a blender:

two big dollops of the ice cream of your choice

a glass of milk

some chocolate sprinkles for texture

a few of ice cubes (the more you put in there, the more liquid the smoothie)

Blend for 30 seconds
Poor into a tall glass (you get more that way).

You can also mix in some fruit or herbs. Some great combinations are:

banana and chocolate ice cream, basil and strawberry ice cream, lime juice and mango ice cream.

Enjoy the naughtiness of it all xxxx

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