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A rustic french aperitif

Home aperitif

I took home some wine from the tasting and had a fair amount of friends over to drink and eat my yummy french aperitif plate. Make it too! It’s simple and delicious. Just include:

Pâté (Rillettes here in France)

Cheeses (Camembert, Basque style, Goat’s)

Little gerkins (Cornichons)

Fresh baguette style bread or organic bread (see recipe here)

And a few bottles of your favourite red.

What a great evening we had!!!! Hope you are inspired too xoxoxox

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    I made it and it was perfect…. and we have also a great evening! thanks for this idea!!!!!

    • Fiona

      Thanks Chryssa, I am so happy to have inspired you!!!! Fiona xoxoxo

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