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My French breakfast or ANYTIME crepes

Crepes recipe

French crepesIt’s easy to wake up, brew an oversized pot of coffee and prepare some crepes. The smell takes the house over and everyone loves them, kids, adults. Even my local little birds revel at the crumbs of crepes that I generously throw to them after we’ve finished.

To make crepes:

I put all the ingredients into the bowl of my kitchen aid and blend them to smithereens.

In English: 4 cups of milk (I use organic Soja milk – 3 free range eggs – 2 cups of flour (why not use an unusual type, like Buckwheat – 1 pinch of salt (the super fine kind)

To cook the pancakes:

take a teacup (not a mug or a small coffee cup) and fill that with batter.Pour into hot pan.

Make sure you have really greased your pan before because I believe the secret lies THERE. The first crepes cooked will always be a write off (that’s the one my birds start lining up for outside the kitchen window). Once the batter has begun to harden, that’s when you do the flip (use a flat wooden spatula to help or go crazy & be wild be the kids and FLIP!). You can ALSO make them thicker (see my last picture) by using a smaller frying pan so the batter doesnt spread so thin!

Fillings. Here, in France, simple is always better. So, my favourites are:

- “La Sucre et Citron” Sugar and Lemon (coat with caster sugar & juice of a fresg lemon)

- “A la confiture” Jam crepes. With my favourites being: homemade fig& walnut; apricot & almond or just plain Raspberry jam.

- “Au Beurre” Butter crepes. For this use salted butter and IF you can find it, use sea salted butter.

Sit and scoff. Many. With lots of coffee and tea, a good dose of happiness and time in front of you to read your paper or magazine. Little pleasures…. Bon appetit xoxoxoxox

authentic-french-crepesC’est si bon!


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