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Cold baked petit gateau au chocolat & biscuits

French chocolate cake

Chocolate fridge cakeThis is so easy you can do it with your kids as no baking is involved! I LOVE Nestlé chocolate but if you can’t find it, just opt for cooking chocolate (the extra dark type is better).

- 200g dark chocolate                      – pack of 24 plain biscuits (Petit Lu for the French touch)

- 150g butter                                       – 1 large can of sweetened condensed milk

optional: raisins, maltesers, some Hundreds & Thousands and 200g white chocolate

Just follow these easy steps:

Chocolate fridge cakePetits LuFreezer chocolate cakeFrench cakeGateau chocolat frigo


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  1. Stacy

    This looks good. I have to find out what 100s & 1000s are, then I will make this with my son–il a cinq ans. Merci!

    • Fiona

      De rien Stacy! 100s & 1000S are little coloured sprinkles you can just add to your cakes and cookies as decoration. Here’s a little link, hope it helps! See you soon! Fiona xoxoxoxo

  2. Stacy

    Merci! I made it before I saw your message, just today. We are in the U.S.A., and since I didn’t know what they were, and I had a few M & Ms, I chopped them up and sprinkled a light amount of flaked coconut and the chopped M & Ms over the white chocolate on top. It looks pretty and it’s in the fridge. Merci–nous allons aimer le gateau! Mon fils aimait m’aider le faire, aussi. Maybe I messed that up in French, but you know what I mean, I think. :-)

    • Fiona

      Sounds delicious Stacy, thanks so much for sharing that great idea! Sounds BETTER than the 100s & 1000s! Your french is perfect, I do look forward to your next comment (in French or not) soon. Gros bisous, Fiona xoxoxoxo

  3. Stacy

    Le gateau etait bon! La prochaine fois, je vais mettre le chocolat noir parce que c’était un peu trop sucré avec le “semi-sweet chocolate” que j’ai mis. Aussi, je me demande s’il y a “condensed milk” sans sucre. Maybe it would be good with half of each kind. Anyway, thanks again!

    • Fiona

      Oui, vous avez raison, le chocolat noir est une super idee! Ici en France nous n’avons un lait concentré non sucré, voici un lien pour les une explication tres agreable de ce qu’est le “condensed unsweeted milk” en anglais
      J’espere que cela peut vous aider!
      And my pleasure, it’s a treat getting your comments Stacy!

  4. Stacy

    Merci pour les informations! Je ne savais pas que “evaporated milk” est, tout simplement, “unsweetened condensed milk.” Alors, la prochaine fois, je vais mettre le chocolat noir OU “evaporated milk,” pour le faire moins sucré. Merci pour votre patience avec mon français et avec la recette!

    • Fiona

      De rien! A tres bientot Stacy et bonne journee a vous!

  5. Donna

    This is not only beautiful…but seemingly simple to execute! Did you use Lait Concentré non-sucré by any chance? I noticed in the photo that the Nestlé label is blue…and is this usually the case for lighter or less “sucré” items from Nestlé? It seems that their full-fat or “sucré” items are usually sporting a red label? I must double-check that at Carrefour!

    • Fiona

      Hello Donna, I used the normal lait concentré sucré by Nestlé, the good stuff! Hope you find it easily and thank you so much for following my blog!

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