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Eating seasonal

Banana on toastAvocado on toast

I am allll about healthy food and as organic as possible.

So eating seasonal and by that I mean eating the products that grow at the time you are actually eating them, is another great way of connecting myself to what I eat and the natural cycle of fruit and vegetables.

I really love that, to feel that I am following the seasons… the way our ancestors used to before we discovered canning and freezing.

Here is a little graph for you (and for those who don’t speak French, a super cool exercise to learn new vocab, just get your dictionaries out and have fun translating the foods!) that I really loved when I found it on a French nutrition website. It’s all about dividing what we eat into the seasons when the products grow!

Seasonal products France

Remember you can totally make simple meals out of super simple foods, like this banana on toast for breakfast (sprinkle on some cinammon and a little honey if needed) or my favourite lunch: avocado on organic wheat free toast!

Be inspired, go to your local markets and producers and see how beautiful the local and seasonal foods are!

Bon appetit!!! xxx

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