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Facts about Autumn fruit: FIGS

Figs: the FACTSWhy figs are good for you

My mum has a huge fig tree in her garden. This autumn fruit is my complete favorite. I must be eating it by the kilo a day at the moment. I picked about 10 kilos last weekend.


Fresh figs are low in fat (the same as an apple per 100g) and is one of the fruit with the densest quantity of the minerals: calcium and phosphorus (great for bones and teeth), magnesium (muscles) iron and potassium. It also contains lots of vitamin B3.

Dried figs are concentrated in sugar and are good for a mid afternoon energy snack (2/3 with a yoghurt for example) and after physical exercise too.

The fruit is really rich in fiber which is great for slow tummies and contains many antioxidants (that’s my favorite part), especially in the violet skinned figs, which help to neutralize certain waste in our bodies and help with the absorption of vitamins in the body!


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