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Fresh tuna shallot and caper salad

Fresh tuna salad recipee
Ah the pleasures of making food in summer.

My super stepdad gave me a Bonite (skipjack tuna) that he fished this weekend and because it was warm at the Beachouse, I made a fresh tuna salad.

Here’s how to do it, it’s totally simple, really healthy and more importantly, very tasty.

Take a small cleaned WHOLE (with skin) tuna (no bigger than about 2kg).

Place it on greaseproof paper and into an over dish.

Douse moderately with a little olive oil, liberally with lemon juice.

Cut some shallots (about two large ones) into thin slices and sprinkle the slices over the fish and into the fish itself (through where is has been cleaned at the belly).

Season generously with sea salt, pepper and some thyme.

Cover the fish with the grease proof paper (basically it will be wrapped) and place the dish into the oven for no more than 25 minutes at 200°C.

Once baked, take it out of the oven and let it cool entirely.

When the fish is cold again, cut fillets out of the fish and remove the skin. Place the fillets into a long serving dish.

Douse the fish with balsamic vinegar (go easy with this and little by little), olive oil, pepper, a little salt and capers.

Then TASTE. This is really delicious, fresh and really very tasty indeed. It’s actually even better the next day once the fish had soaked up some of the vinaigrette!

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