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How to cook a fish – by my local french fishermen

Fish Market FranceFrench Fish recipe

Fish recipe


On weekends I go to the fish market to go buy some fresh catch. I go to the local fish market in Capbreton, near the Beachouse. The fishermen brings in the fish twice a day, ready to be shipped to stores and even supermarkets but they also keep a little for the locals too to sell on the market. Yesterday afternoon around 4, I walked down to the seafront and found this beautiful selection of fresh off the hook fish!

The advice from the fishermen and ladies to cook these tasty catches:

- once you have cleaned them (or they have done it for you), bake them whole in the oven with fresh herbs and a drizzle of olive oil, on 200°C for 20mn. I tend to add garlic and some onions too.

- Other option: put them, whole again, into a large casserole filled with herbs (bouquet garni is great for this, find how to make it within the recipe here), white wine (a glass will do) and chopped garlic and steam/boil with the lid on for 20 mn on 180°C.

Both are great ways of keeping the taste intact and also make it easy to just peel the skin off once you finish baking/cooking.

It was a beautiful day and I think my lucky stars to be able to do such simple and beautiful things. It makes me happy and reminds me how important basics are in life!

French fish recipeFrench fish recipe

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